What is bullying?
Bullying is when someone purposely causes physical or emotional harm towards someone else. Bullying doesn't just occur at school, it can happen at home, work, online or on the playground. Bullies tend to look for someone weaker than them or someone they can easily control.
Why people bully?
People bully for many different reasons for example not getting enough attention at home, being bullied themselves, or just feeling the need for dominance and control. They see weaker people as their target and don't accept the consequences for their actions.
There are different types of bullies:

Most bullies don't understand how their actions affects the person they are bullying. All these types bullies have not learned compassion and love.
When kids where asked why they bully these were their responses:

No matter the reason for bullying it is wrong, mean and it should be stopped.

Ways to deal with a bully

What to do if you're a bystander: