We are just a pair of teenagers trying to make a difference. This website was created to make sure no one feels alone. We want everyone who clicks on this website to feel welcome and to feel joy. Someone once said "A good laugh heals a lot of hurt". This quote to us is important to knowing that you are not alone in anything that you do. No one should ever feel like they are so different and that everyone else is more important than they are. No one is more important than you, no one should have any say in who you are or what you like to do. You have as much of a voice as any other person in this world, you have a choice. If you are being bullied, you can either let them have control over you or you could not listen to them. Bullying is something that should not be just shrugged off and you should come at it with full force. We want to really just help those who feel like the outsider. Those who feel way to different and feel held back by society to do the things that they want to do. We may just be a pair of teenagers but we want people to be happy in their own skin.